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What is is one of the world’s largest wholesale marketplaces, owned by Zhejiang Bestsuppliers Network Technology Co Ltd, under Bestsuppliers Foreign Trade Group, which is a leading all in one B to B online trading platform founded in 2017, with headquarter based in Hangzhou, our company is around 40 minutes driving from Hangzhou International Airport. It’s only 2-hour driving from Shanghai and Ningbo with different traffic methods available. Since 1995, we've been working deeping in international trading business , with 8 foreign trde import & export companies, 1 network and technology company ,  1 international logistic company, 1 education and science technology company. we have already nearly 30 oversea branches and 8 international storage warehouses covering the whole world. up to now we have become a medium size company of over 300 people with 30 years B TO B trading experience in continuous expansion. is a B TO B wholesale platform mainly providing one-stop sourcing service to oversea wholesale enterprises in small, media, and large size. Our all in one sourcing service involves the complete import process, including supplier sourcing , bulk order production follow, and even order delivery to your proper country. We’ve been keen to offer you the most competitive wholesale price and reliable manufacturing sources. Since 1995, we’ve already helped more than 50000 international buyers in successfully finding a variety of products. sourced products have already been shipped to various countries world widely. Our buyers cover nearly all the world, including Africa, Europe, North America and also South America, with more than 180 countries totally. Our professional team are keeping helping our customers to increasing their business from A to Z for their final business bloom, over the past few years, has established itself as one of the most reliable wholesale websites in international trade.

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We are keen to help you to source any products you need. Find everything you need in one place. From finding new products ready to ship or partners to customize what you want, all the way to ensuring quality and shipping your order to its final destination.

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Our sourcing specialists are divided into different groups, according to the different items, In some certain specific items we are becoming even more professional than ever for a vertical industry. As a China leading B TO B buying platform, we have rich competitive manufacturer sources and long term positive relationship with them, we also set rules for our cooperating factories in in-time delivery, product productive capacity and price strategy. If you have any OEM or import requirement. We are always by your side to support your business in sourcing any item you need.

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How about our international sales team ?

Our sales teams are also divided into different groups by different markets, specific and high-efficient marketing mode is becoming our sales team’s direction. Our sale team consist of professional sales specialists that are able to speak multi languages such as English, Spainsh, Russian, French and also Arabic. All of them have oversea education background, they can understand your needs better and assist you well in smooth communication with factories.

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Tina Wang joined our company in 2006. As a International Sales Manager, she has over 20 years of B TO B trade experience, visited local market ever Nigeria, Spain, Germany, Saudi Arabia and so on.
Sophe Cao joined our company in 2007. As a International Sales Manager, she has over 20 years of B TO B trade experience, visited local market ever Russia, Brazil, Mexico. South Africa and so on.
Alisa Ma joined company in 2007. As a International Sales Manager, she has over 20 years of B TO B trade experience, visited local market ever United States, UAE, Nigeria and so on.
The above listed staff are only a small part of our excellent sales teams, our company attend also oversea fair every year for helping our sales staff to know the business insight in local market.

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What is Bestsuppliers Quality Management?

Bestsuppliers has a professional product quality Inspection team: we have a series of Product Quality Inspection tools and also our own Product Quality Inspection lab. We created Product Quality Inspection instruction guide for a variety of products, we care about checking even a small detail. All of our inspectors are well trained for being qualified as a professional QC, they will get directly into the production line to follow the production of each manufacturer in order to guarantee the bulk order quality and fulfill the delivery of order.

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Logisitics Services for Gobal B2B Buyers

Multiple transportation modes are available, including ocean, air, rail, and express. Thanks to a diverse selection of shipping lines, your cargo can be shipped to major ports in Africa and Europe for pickup. Our sell-owned international logistic team have long term cooperation with global famous carriers, meanwhile we can provide with the competitive transportation price . Your goods are handled by major carriers from the 2M, THE, and Ocean Alliances (OOCL, CMA CGM, COSCO, and more), wherever the destination, rest assured that your cargos are transported by experienced carriers. We can get discount from shipping forwarder, as we have a large number of shipments through them, and still keeping increasing our shipping volume by more than 30%. If you choose us, you will also have discount, and reduce your shipping cost. On the other side , for dangerous goods such as battery, liquid or powder. We can also transportation channels for totally satisfying each of your logistic demand.

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We can collect your goods from different cities in China and put them into a same container, trying to save your logistic cost. Further more we can also offer you the service of half month free deposit and goods integration.If you have your own shipping agent for your import process and local logistic , we can also deliver goods to your asked air transportation, Sea transportation and railway transportation delivery place .

Our oversea offices business service

We have set over 30 offices and branches gloablly, and still in expansion with this number. All these offices are working closely with our business partners,. while they can also effectively help our oversea buyers to expand their business globally and know the newest export trend from China. Our local sales teams are divided into pre-sales and post- sales teams.  They can assist our buyers faster in running the global business , at the same time , improving the buyers purchasing experience.

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We will source and offer you prices and solutions.

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Confirm the sample. Check by us or send it to you.

4. Deposit + Order Placing

We go placing the order with 30% advance payment.

5. Production Following Up

Follow up the production and schedule the delivery time.

6. Collect and Inspect

We collect the order to our warehouse and conduct the inspection.

7. Request for Balance Payment

Balance payment after the product inspection.

8. Arrange Shipment

Arrange to ship by air, express, or sea.

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