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How to Find the Best Solar Products Wholesalers and Suppliers in Africa
How to Find the Best Solar Products Wholesalers and Suppliers in AfricaWhy Africa is Promising Market for Solar Products Wholesale BusinessAfrica as one of the largest continents in the world , it has the richest solar energy source, which represent almost 60% of the solar energy worldwidely, but africa now are also facing the issue of energy shortage with the second largest continent in population, which means a huge demand to the local energy. The solar energy generated power is always an economy effective method in consideration of power cost and also enviroment protection for a long term. Below are the main factors to put into consideration:The power shortage problem: for a long term , Africa have been meeting the power shortage issue. especially in sub-Saharan Africa, the electrification rate was only 46% in 2019 , with 906 million people lacking access to clean cooking fuels and technologies. The reliable and sustainable electricity supply will be crucial and urgent for those regions.low cost of solar power generation: In Africa, the solar power generation costs are continuously decreasing . According to IRENA’s report , Africa’s solar power generation costs dropped by 61% between 2010 and 2019, averaging USD 0.12 per kilowatt-hour, lower than Africa’s grid average electricity price.In the past decades Africa’s solar power generation market has grown significantly, with more than 26 gigawatts of renewables-based generation capacity added, mostly from solar photovoltaics. Distributed solar energy solutions, including stand-alone systems and mini-grids, are also playing an increasingly important role in expanding electricity access in off-grid areas and improving supply reliability in connected areas.Africa’s solar power generation market still has huge development space and potentials , which can reach 1000 gigawatts by 2030, which mean more than 50% of Africa total generation capacity. With the positive local government policy and outside investment from China and other Countries. it will help Africa achieve its energy transition and substainable development goals. meanwhile it’s also a huge opportunity for local solar power business.How to Find the best solar panel wholesale suppliers in AfricaTo find an ideal solar panel wholesale supplier for your solar project is not an easy task , the right and comprehensive steps need to be followed before starting your solar panel business. Here are some of the steps you should follow: you need first to know the solar energy market overview in your target african countries, such as the local solar energy demand, the local government policy on solar energy, and also any regulations that can support and help development of solar power . In most of african countries , they have already postive policy for supporting the development of solar enegry. for example , in South Africa, the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme(REIPPPP) was launched in 2011 to facilitate the procurement of renewable energy from private sector developers. This programme showed great success in attracting investment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It has procured 6.4 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity from 112 projects. Also In Morocco, they have (PNEER) which is the National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Plan, that has effectively increased the share of renewable energy to 42% by 2020. In Kenya , the Feed-in Tariffs policy was introduced in 2008 to encourage the developmengt of renewable energy projects by guaranteeing a fixed price for the electricity generated from renewable sources.Identify your target customers and segments, such as residential , commercial, industrial , or off-grid users and understand their needs, preferences and also challenges in adopting solar power. For those residential users, they may care more about the cost save on their electricity bills and also the increase of energy independence and resilience. meanwhile they will also improve their home value and attractiveness by adding a solar energy system. But for those commercial users, they will have different considerations regarding solar power projects. They may care more about the quality and performance of the solar panels and also the cost and return on investment of the solar panels.Evaluate the reputation and reliability of the solar panel suppliers, based on their experience, track record, customer service, and after-sales support. You can check their online presence, such as their website, social media, and online reviews, to get a sense of their credibility and professionalism. You can also ask for some references or testimonials from their previous or existing customers.Negotiate the best terms and conditions with the solar panel suppliers, such as the delivery time, payment method, shipping cost, installation service, and maintenance service. You can also look for some incentives or discounts that the suppliers may offer, such as bulk orders, long-term contracts, or referrals.Why choose sourcing platform for your solar products businessThe sourcing platform it provides with the most variety of solar products and suppliers , which can save your money and time to search by yourself, in addition, you can compare different solar products in one place instead of searching and contacting them individually. then a professional sourcing platform can reduce your risk of dealing with unknown and untrustworthy suppliers by checking their ratings, certifications and warranties. you can always buy solar panel at a cheap wholesale price. BESTSUPPLIER as a China leading sourcing platform with a variety of solar products suppliers and manufacturers settled in, let you have the most options to solar products for wholesale supply. Portable Power Station LinesAt BESTSUPPLIERS.COM, you can find a huge variety of high quality portable power station products with international quality cerfications , such as ROSH ,CE FCC, our portable power station outstand with fast charging , light weight and durable usage. They work in excellent performance even under extreme weather condition with tghe temperature -10℃, all these solar power stations have industry certifications ., CE, ISO , UL . meanwhile if you have any customization requirement. we can also do OEM and customized products for you.Solar System LinesWe are available with diffrent solar inverters,generators with different features and specifications to suit your preferences and requirements. whether you need a portable solar generator for camping , solor power system for your business , you can find it all on At BESTSUPPLIERS.COM you can compare different solar products and suppliers in one place , check their certifications, warranties, and also negotiate the terms and conditions with them. all solar system products on our platform , they are at lower bulk order price and MOQ than in other platforms , such as made in China or Alibaba.Solar Panel LinesThese solar panel collections that we selected for you feature the great performance of waterproof , and also easy-carry for outcamping and different outdoor activities. They are all foldable and certified with ISO 9001, CE , UN38.3 FCC and come with different sizes and colors to choose. In ConclusionSolar product is a niche and demand increasing product with a brilliant market in Africa, For these dealer and importers that want to kickstart solar products business. you need to have a comprehensive insight of your local market and then based on your overview of market to find suppliers in B TO B sourcing platform. BESTSUPPLIERS.COM we can get all your needs covered with extremely trustworthy and reliable purchase exprience to you for most variety of cheap and quality solar products. We are pleased to recieve your inquiry for supporting your solar products project.
What are the Main Components of a Solar Energy System?
When we talk about solar power system, we may think the solar power system indicate just solar panel , but actually solar power system is more tha that , which consist of also other spare parts that involve in converting sunlight into electricity.Befor you start with solar power system installation, it’s essential to have a clear knowledge of these different parts. you have to know well how these parts work and what role they play in the whole system. So this article will teach what are the main components of solar energy system.what are these essential parts of a complete solar power systemyou may wonder what are main components of a soalr power system. every solar panel system has some common components and also some optional components. you will read from some articles about solar panels systems , they will say the solar power systems have 4 components , some of them will tell you it has 5 or 6 components , but actually the numberts of solar power components dipend on types of solar system you choose. Generally speaking the core components of all installattions are solar panels, solar inverters , solar racking together with solar power system desconnect. Monocrystalline silicon panels are made of a single crystal. They are the most efficient solar panels and the standard in the industry. However, they are also the most costly option.Polycrystalline silicon panels are made of many silicon crystals joined together. They are a low-cost option and often used as parts of grid tied solar systems. However, they have lower efficiency than monocrystalline panels.Thin-film solar cells are not as common as monocrystalline and polycrystalline. These solar cells use amorphous silicon and are the most flexible type of solar panel. These flexible solar panels can be a good choice if you need to install panels on a curved surface. You may find these panels as parts of off grid solar systems, such as RV solar panels or other installation situations that require light weight or have curvature. But generally, these panels have the lowest efficiency. the solar power system consist of a series of common and also optional components , when you are doing an installation of solar power system, a solar kit can be a great option. you can also contact BESTSUPPLIERS.COM to have professional solar power equipment kit advice from solar system experts.
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