Lunch box is a box specially used to pack meals, also known as the bento lunch box, mostly made of aluminum, stainless steel, plastic materials. The thermal insulation lunchbox is filled with foam plastic inside and outside, and then coated with metal film inside, which will reduce heat loss from conduction. If you are looking for lunchboxes, come to the Bestsuppliers platform. As a professional B2B platform, Bestsuppliers has selected many reliable metal lunch box suppliers. You can get very cheap lunch box price here. Don’t hesitate anymore, get the best bento lunch box now!
Tableware Lunch Box

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What are the characteristics of lunch box on our website?

The lunch box on the Bestsuppliers platform has so many advantages. Firstly, our thermal insulated lunch boxes are fully functional. It can be steamed, heated, microwaved. Also, our lunchboxes are thick and sturdy. No matter how hard you drop them, they won't break. If you want to import stainless lunch box in bulk, the Bestsuppliers platform will give very cheap lunch box price. Let’s buy metal lunch boxes wholesale here!

Choose the lunch box by materials

For materials of lunchboxes, you can choose plastic lunch box, metal lunch box, silicone lunch box, bamboo & wood lunch box, ceramic & porcelain lunch box, glass lunch box, PLA lunch box, and so on. Get the best bento lunch box here!

Can the lunch box accept the service of customization

As the one-stop platform, Bestsuppliers can provide many services to meet your requirements, like custom service. If you want to buy custom lunchboxes at wholesale price, you can send the message to our lunch box box suppliers on the website and tell them which type of lunch box you want. Let’s contact our bento lunch box suppliers now!