The wheel castor is a round rolling object made of different materials. In simple terms, it consists of the outer ring of the wheel, the spokes, and the central shaft. By rolling, castor wheels can greatly reduce the friction coefficient with the contact surface. If fitted with a shaft, swivel caster wheels become the most important component of the object. The wheel is very useful for moving and carrying. The furniture caster wheels on the Bestsuppliers platform have been a key product that has more outstanding suppliers and more price advantage. It’s time to find cheap tool casters wholesale here!

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Explore a plethora of wholesale furniture castors and related hardware products available for direct purchase from global suppliers. Furniture castors are an excellent means to enhance the mobility of your furniture. A caster consists of two primary components: the mounting hardware and the wheel. The caster's metal mount connects the wheel to the furniture and usually features four screw holes for secure attachment. Furniture caster wheels vary in several aspects, including diameter, rolling orientation, material composition, and suitability for specific environments.

Here's a breakdown of key considerations:

Types of Furniture Casters:

Rigid Casters: These casters enable straightforward linear movement, ideal for furniture that must move only in a straight line.

Swivel Casters: These casters offer 360-degree rotation, making them perfect for applications where flexibility in movement is required, such as office chairs.

Omnidirectional and Roller Ball Casters: These specialized casters provide multi-directional mobility, allowing furniture to move freely in any direction.

Caster Softness and Hardness:

Soft Casters: Designed for use on hardwood floors, these casters produce minimal noise, are lightweight, and reduce vibration during rolling. However, they may have less grip on the floor, requiring slightly more effort to set them in motion.

Hard Casters: Comparable to those commonly found in office chair rollers, hard casters are easier to roll due to their higher friction with the ground. They excel in handling heavier loads and offer enhanced maneuverability. is your gateway to a diverse selection of wholesale furniture castors, chair wheels, casters wheels, and an array of furniture hardware options. Expand your inventory with a wide range of products sourced from international wholesale suppliers.

When considering the purchase of wholesale furniture castors, it's imperative to align your choice with the specific requirements of your furniture and the environmental conditions it will face. Make informed decisions by comparing product specifications, user reviews, and shipping options across various suppliers. This will ensure that your selection meets your unique needs and quality standards.

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