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About 48v Electric Bike Battery
Browse bicycle batteries wholesale from This platform provides you with multiple types of 48v Electric Bike Battery. Depending on the type of bike, you can find downtube or rear rack electric battery solutions. Most electric batteries you'll find today are lithium-ion based. This is because lithium-ion is more powerful and lighter than lead-acid batteries. Also, lithium-ion 48v Electric Bike Battery do not leak or corrode the bike. They're built with an intelligent battery management system (BMS) which protects the battery from overcharge, over-discharge, and explosion.48v Electric Bike Battery products are waterproof. You can ride your bike in any weather, rain or sun, without any worry. Security is well taken care of with most batteries coming with a key. Using the key, you can lock the 48v Electric Bike Battery on the bike's frame to prevent theft. In addition to powering your bike, 48v Electric Bike Battery products come with a USB port for charging your phone while riding. If you're not using the bike, you can turn off the 48v Electric Bike Battery using the power switch. Once the power is depleted, an LED indicator will give you a warning so that you can charge your battery.If you're looking for bicycle batteries for your wholesale business, go to and you'll find many Chinese wholesalers. Plus, you'll get competitive pricing and a wide variety of 48v Electric Bike Battery to choose from. These batteries have different shapes, weights, and power. From 12 volts to 72 volts and from 4 amp-hours to 20 amp-hours. All prices are set based on the battery capacity.
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