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About African Red Granite
With the huge range of wholesale African Red Granite available on, one of the largest B2B marketplaces in the world, you will be able to find the right product for your customers’ building needs. Our suppliers source these stones from different places to offer you a huge range in granite countertops colors and for use in other spaces.All color options are available in African Red Granite. White granite countertops come in a few different varieties and are classic options for a fresh look. Moon white granite with its intricate speckling is a popular option as are bianco antico and river white granite which has speckling in many different colors. For black granite countertop options, black galaxy slabs are very popular with its white and gold speckling. Black moon countertops offer a deeper richer black color. Uba tuba granite is also used as a sparkly option. Apart from brown and gold options, some other exotic colors like blue granite are also available.The edges of the slabs are also important when buying African Red Granite. We have granite slabs cut with all the main edge types with straight edges and eased edges the most popular. Rounded edges for more modern looking kitchens are also available as are ogee and bullnose edges.Find the perfect combination of color and edge for your granite slabs here on Start ordering today!
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