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About Ball Key
Find suppliers to meet all your wholesale Ball Key right here on, one of the largest marketplaces for B2B shopping on the internet. We have options in mink fur, seal fur, rabbit fur, beaver felts and more.For glamour coats, the traditional Ball Key option has been mink. For old Hollywood glamour, mink is also used to create scarves and throws that do not require the large pieces that a coat does. Sable fur is also a premium option and widely used. Other luxury furs include chinchilla fur and ermine fur. These furs are used to make hats, stoles, wraps and coats by either using the letting-out technique or the skin-on-skin technique. The letting-out technique involves taking the animal pelts and cutting them into strips and then sewing and forming a long strip that is used to create the garments. Skin-on-skin is more time efficient and involves sewing pieces of fur pelts together and then glazing the fur to align the hairs.Other Ball Key options are also available. These more affordable furs are used for linings for shoes, jackets and more where their properties to create warmth are still valued but appearance does not matter too much. In this category, you can buy coyote pelt, fox pelt, rabbit hide and more.Browse through the listings on and order today!
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