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About Flush Sensor
There is no better place than, one of the largest B2B marketplaces in the world to find the right wholesale Flush Sensor shipment for your customers. Replacing broken toilet flush valves and installing new ones will be easy with all the options available here.There are a few types of Flush Sensor and they are all available for sale from our suppliers. Toilet flush valve types include Manual flush valves contain a lever that activates the toilet flapper valve and allows the water into the bowl. Push button flush valves are also available that use a mechanism to activate the flapper in toilet tanks. Automatic flush valves with a sensor are also available that do not require contact and are very popular in commercial venues to use as urinal flush valves and toilet flush valves.Over time toilet bowl flappers can develop problems that can result in leaky toilet valves. The constant contact with water and use creates the need for new Flush Sensor periodically. We have all toilet flapper types available in our listings including hardy options that will stand up to cleaning products for a long time like ABS valves. We also list sizes including standard, 3 inch, 4 inch, canister and dual valves.Start looking for the right product for your requirements and place your orders on today!
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