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About Metal Halide Bulb
Since the 1960s, Metal Halide Bulb light has been used as the most viable lighting source for several applications ranging from industrial lighting to commercial to sports. Their ability to emit a high power light, plus a long working life (on average 10,000 hours) and luminous efficacy have made them a premier choice. gives buyers a wide variety of Metal Halide Bulb with different use cases to choose from.Metal Halide Bulb lighting, produced as a result of combining metal with halogen, is known to be six times more efficient when compared to incandescent lights and twice as efficient as mercury lamps. Customers can find various classified bulbs/lamps with a power measure ranging from low watts all the way up to 5000 watts and a color temperature ranging from 3000K - 6000K on are different models of Metal Halide Bulb that are preferred based on the lighting solution one is looking for. The major applications include lighting for industries and factories, parking places and hallways, departmental and grocery stores, floodlighting, horticulture, growth lighting for greenhouses, automotive use, and more.For shoppers who are looking for a lighting solution with a high-intensity discharge (HID) or a good color rendering characteristic, it’s highly recommended to use Metal Halide Bulb. These lighting options are easily available on Additionally, its numerous applications and high quality has made it one of the most trusted lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor purposes.
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