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About Pu Sandwich Panel
With, one of the largest B2B marketplaces in the world, you can find the right wholesale PU Sandwich Panel for your customers. There are options here with all kinds of insulating cores. Whether you are looking for foam core panels or fiberglass sandwich panels or even more uncommon options like carbon fiber sandwich panels, we have multiple listings of each variety.The most common varieties when it comes to PU Sandwich Panel are EPS panels and PIR panels which are made with mineral wool and polyurethane. These are then sandwiched to form aluminum sandwich panels between two pieces of aluminum. Using metal sandwich panels reduces the time and cost to construct a home and compared to masonry is very cheap. Polyurethane is best used as an insulator for climates where extremes of temperature are very prevalent. They help to keep energy costs down and are a great environmentally friendly option.The other PU Sandwich Panel varieties of sandwich panels, eps and mineral wool both have their properties. Mineral wool is great for fire insulation and used extensively in dry, hot climates where fires are more likely to happen. They prevent the fire from spreading very well. EPS panels are in between mineral wool and polyurethane in both its ability to be fireproof and in insulation, so is a good all round alternative and is very common because it was first used in sandwich panels.Find the perfect shipment right here on Order today!
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