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About Round Tubes
These wholesale Round Tubes are an unexpectedly tough but economical type of packaging. From small cardboard tubes suitable for everything from small items like lip balm to big items like extra-heavy rolls of printing paper and tissue. You should find something interesting from our extensive collection of paper core tubes from many different paper tube manufacturers.Round Tubes are used to ship small items. Offer these to clients of yours who are manufacturers of all sorts of cosmetic products. They could use paper lip balm containers or paperboard lip balm tubes to efficiently and economically package their items. These same cosmetic manufacturing companies can order push-up paper tubes in significant quantities as well. These cardboard paper tubes are suitable for products like roll-on deodorants, essential oils, and so on.Different products can be put inside paper mailing tubes and paper shipping tubes. Offices will need these to safely mail out important documents like blueprints, architectural plans, and others. Other products that should suit these paper tube containers are hair wax for men, candles, small jewelry items like earrings and necklaces, electronic products like earphones and chargers, and plenty of others.Round Tubes are also used for larger and heavier items. Their impact-absorbent nature lends them well to lightweight protective packaging, especially for electronic appliances and other sensitive equipment. These cardboard paper tubes are thick wall cardboard tubes that are relatively tough but still have significant energy-absorbing properties. Browse through our extensive listing and find what you need here at Keep your eyes peeled for special prices and discounts. Some listings even offer free shipping.
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