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About Truck Steering Gear
There are two types of Truck Steering Gear, rack and pinion steering gears and power steering gearbox without rack and pinion. You can find adapted Truck Steering Gear depending on your vehicle model, be it manual rack and pinion, or electric rack and pinion.The steering box performs three essential functions; 1) The relief function: it reduces the number of steering wheel turn. 2) The comfort function: it reduces the effort required to steer the wheels, especially when maneuvering the vehicle at low speeds. 3) The security function: it will help you avoiding deviations in the trajectory thanks to its high adaptability to driving conditions.To meet the needs of everyone, we have collected various types of wholesale Truck Steering Gear. The hydraulic steering gears are triggered by the rotation of the handwheel, which controls a hydraulic spool. This allows the pressurization of a specific cylinder placed on the steering rack.For the electro-hydraulic steering gears, the hydraulic pump is replaced with an electric motor that generates the hydraulic pressure. This assembly makes it easy to modulate the pressure according to various parameters (exerted force, steering angle, vehicle speed, etc.). Another type that you find in our collection is the electric power steering system. The steering wheel force is transformed into an electrical signal by a torque sensor. As a result, this powers an electric motor integrated with the rack and pinion.
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