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What Are the Advantages of Frosted Gloves?
Everyone is familiar with labor gloves. There are many types of labor gloves. Many people use labor frosted gloves. However, everyone knows very little about labor insurance frosted gloves. What are the advantages of labor insurance frosted gloves? Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of frosted gloves, we must first explain the production and processing process of frosted gloves. Frosted gloves are first dipped in the glue or semi-fluid state, and spray salt grains on the glue surface. Because the glue surface is not cured, the salt grains will be embedded on the glue surface. After baking in the oven, the glue surface is cured, and the gloves are washed with water and then dried. During the washing process, the salt dissolves into the water, and the glue surface leaves a bumpy surface. Different from wrinkled gloves, frosted gloves have two more processes than latex wrinkled gloves, one water washing and one secondary baking, which is why these gloves are more expensive than wrinkled gloves.The biggest advantage of frosted gloves on Bestsuppliers is non-slip. The anti-slip of wrinkled gloves is due to the increased friction of the rubber surface folds, while the principle of frosted gloves is the dense holes on the rubber surface. The negative air pressure generated during use is non-slip, just like the sucker of an octopus. When the glue surface is in contact with the object, the air in the small hole is squeezed out, so that an adsorption force is generated between the glue surface and the object.Under dry conditions, the slip resistance of the two gloves is the same, but in oily or slippery environments, wrinkled gloves almost lose slip resistance, while frosted gloves are almost unaffected. When there is water or oil on the surface of the object, the water and oil are pushed aside by the air in the small hole, so that the contact surface becomes clean, thus ensuring the adsorption between the surface of the object and the small hole. It is this adsorption force that makes frosted gloves super anti-skid.
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