The hot-melt glue gun is a decoration and construction tool, widely used in electronics factories, food factories, packaging factories, such as hot melt adhesive strip bonding products. The hot gun glue on the Bestsuppliers platform has always been known for its quality. Our hot melt glue guns can withstand high temperature more than 300℃ and have no deformation in the use of high temperature for a long time. Besides, the hot melt gun is light, convenient, and flexible operation. Also, as a global B2B platform, our platform can provide you more affordable hot gun glue price than other platforms. Find cheap hot melt glue guns wholesale here!
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Standby Time
About 100 Minutes
Full Charge Time
3-4 Hours
Service Time
90 Minutes (ml)
Grams of Glue
Product Name
Hot Glue Gun
Filled Glass
Door/Window Crack Repair
Paper Packaging
Reinforcement Hook
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What are the characteristics of hot-melt glue guns on our website?

Bestsuppliers has cheap hot gun glue for sale. The hot melt glue guns on the Bestsuppliers platform all come from powerful factories with sufficient inventory and high quality. Fine workmanship, no rust, and wear-resistance is the basic characteristics of hot gun glue on our platform. Secondly, with the help of the Bestsuppliers platform, customers can contact hot gun glue suppliers and get quotes very quickly. Also, the hot melt gun can support customization or sample service. You could get hot gun glue sample and custom hot gun glue here. Buy hot melt glue guns in bulk now!

Choose the hot melt glue gun by types

There are two types of hot-melt glue guns, the corded hot melt glue gun, and cordless hot melt glue gun. In terms of hot melt gun power source, you can choose battery hot melt glue guns, electric hot melt glue guns, hydraulic hot melt glue guns, pneumatic hot melt glue guns.

What about the lead time for mass production?

The lead time for mass production depends on hot-melt glue guns quantity and the season you place the order. The lead time of MOQ is about 15-30 days.