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About Automatic Polishing Machine
Explore great Automatic Polishing Machine options from Chinese wholesalers. Choose from a wide variety of Automatic Polishing Machine available at Use the Automatic Polishing Machine to remove rust, oxide formation, and scratches from steel and other non-ferrous metals. Automatic Polishing Machine products use different polishing technologies depending on the size and type of metal to be polished. Long steel pipes are polished by larger machines that weigh up to 6,000kg with 44kw of power. These tools offer a continuous polishing process, where stainless steel pipes go through 8 to 32-wheel head polishers. These heads can be adjusted to fit different sizes of both round and square-shaped pipes. Polishing speed varies from 20m/min to 32m/min.Small metals with multiples shapes can be polished using a vibratory polishing machine. These machines use different types of mediums to polish various metals. As the machine vibrates, the medium rubs against the metal, creating a shiny polish on the metal’s surface. The tools can help polish parts used in automotive, medical, aircraft, among other industries. The vibrator is a bowl-shaped or tubular-shaped unit that uses water treatment. These vibrators come in different sizes with capacities of 6 liters to 1,500 liters.If you work in lab research, then metallographic polishing machines would be a great option for you. Use it to polish metals and expose the internal structure for further analysis. These machines come with one, two, or more polishing wheels with replaceable polishing discs. Rotational speed starts from 50RPM to 1,000RPM. Other Automatic Polishing Machine from include electric car polishers. These come with different polishing pads for removing scratches, swirls, and paint defects from cars. Operation speed is within 2,800 to 7,200 operations per minute (OPM) range. Looking for a Automatic Polishing Machine? Get it from Chinese wholesalers at favorable prices. Check out for available options and prices.
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