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About Jobber Drill Bit
You can use Jobber Drill Bit to drill plasterboards, wood or aluminum planks, or to fix taps. We offer you quality bits to provide you with optimal drilling. Flexible drill bits are widely sought by professionals in the construction industry. They are practical to drill bricks, blocks, stones, and even mortars.In addition to the types of Jobber Drill Bit mentioned above, we also offer paddle bits which are commonly recognized by their wide and flat blade. They allow you to bore holes quickly through different materials, and they are generally intended to drill specific covered areas. You can sharpen this type of drill bit with a regular file or a diamond file.If you are dealing with more resistant tiles (e.g., stoneware tiles) or if you need to make small diameter holes, it’s preferable to choose diamond tip drill bits. They are more resistant and offer great precision, which makes them ideal for drilling any tile.No matter what drill bit you choose, we recommend you use cold water to avoid overheating. This simple operation will prevent your device from being damaged, thus having a long shelf life. In addition to the advantages and features mentioned above, you can adjust the speed of our wholesale Jobber Drill Bit, which allows you to increase the speed gradually depending on the depth of the bit.
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