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About Plastic Beer Barrel
The wholesale Plastic Beer Barrel are barrels made to transport, store, and dispense carbonated drinks like beer, nitro coffee, carbonated soda, and others. They store carbonated drinks by storing the liquid with pressurized carbon dioxide, thereby maintaining the carbonization of the beverage. Beer dispensers like the pony keg and beer kegerators are perfect for restaurants, bars, and even backyard parties.The use of Plastic Beer Barrel for carbonized drink storage saves space and therefore costs especially when compared to storing beer in cans or bottles. Restaurants, hobbyists, beverage manufacturers, and home consumers would not have to allot more stocking space or a bigger budget to buy more refrigerators and other specialized equipment just to store an equivalent amount of beer or drink.Different sizes of kegs are available, and the 'perfect' size largely depends on your clients' preferences. Do your clients want to store them for weeks and enjoy a cool glass of draft beer in the comfort of their home? A mini-keg stored in the refrigerator might be ideal for them. Sixtel kegs could also be advantageous for low-volume usage and a smaller space footprint. On the other hand, if users prefer hosting large parties frequently, operate a bar, or generally like to consume carbonated drinks in larger amounts, then the half barrel kegs, quarter kegs, 5-liter kegs among other bigger keg sizes would surely come in handy.Kegerators are also on offer, marrying the advantages of the kegs for sale and refrigerators that can be used as makeshift keg coolers. Kegerators are either specialized machines or normal refrigerators retrofitted with the users' choice of kegerator kits available. They keep beer cold while providing a way for them to be accessed on-demand via specialized outlets called a keg tap.
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